Anatomy of and Apocalypse

An Apocalypse is an Event characterized by a catastrophic independent change that has the potential to affect the world drastically.

The Event should thrive in the current environment, allowing it to grow. Its defeat is generally done by changing the Nature of the Event so that it is no longer harmful, Changing the Environment so that it can no longer grow, or destroying it directly.

An early Event may be handled by PCs by blowing up a lab or kicking in a few heads. Those events are not within the scope of these rules. Beyond that an Event may take over an Individual person or space, then grow to a Corporate level, after enough high level Companies are compromised, it may move to a Government level, then Continent, then World. The Company accisition rules would be an excellent guide for this.

The effect of the Event is felt within its scope. They are similar to the Four Metrics, but the change is because of an external Event rather than Social Change.

The effect of an Event is

Suspicion: People cannot be trusted because of a Threat that cannot be easily seen.

Technology: Tech has become dangerous and essential causing those who use it to become something other than human. or unable to interact with society.

Economy: An economy killer is introduced tossing shutting down whole industries and tossing people out of work. Financial Markets Collapse.

Warfare: Some physical force is out to kill and destroy as much as possible.

Events are Stated like Corps, and are destroyed when their Stats are reduced to Zero.

Might: How much the Event can accomplish
through the application of violence.

Treasure: The ability to destroy Wealth.

Influence: The Ability to control Minds that serves the Event.

Territory: The physical presence of the Event. Mist, Blob, The Feeding Shadow, etc

Sovereignty: The ability to make people Mad, or at least chaotic.

Once PCs start pulling in staff to help with an Event a Company is formed.

Sample Events:

Might: Event is a destructive force.

Suspicion: A virus that cannot be detected. How is it spread? Effect is catastrophic.
Technology: Technology that can spread or is everywhere begins to cause damage (cease to function? Skynet?)
Economy: The spread of Ideology (ie. Communism) through forceful conversion. An effect which kills people for the sake of money? Bloodsucking cloth mites that kill ppl destroy the clothing indsustry.

Warfare Invading Force hellbent on our destruction. or our environments destruction.

Treasure : The Event destroys Wealth.

Suspicion: Market is being fled for some external reason. Some thing , an event makes people wary of investing, and its spreading. The Mist. Haunting
Technology: Killer App making other products obsolete. Tech eating a resource.
Economy: An attack on the underpinnings of the Economy. Something that attacks records, memory, consciousness, reality, Something that makes money worthless.
Warfare: An event that makes the underpinnings of wealth worthless. A fungus that turns oil into water, A comet that makes all the gold on the planet radioactive and worthless.
Influence: Communist Mind Control Fungus.
Suspicion: Unexplained terror events growing in frequency and range. Little death and Damage.
Technology: A game that is so good people starve to death playing it. And its small.
Economy: Mind Control Hippies.
Warfare: An Event that encourages War, perhaps mystical or narcotic in nature.

Territory: An environmental Effect. May also affect Organizations.

Suspicion: Flowers whose pollen make people suspicious, Some Curse.
Technology: A new tech makes the Terrirory unuseable
Economy: Crystal Lithium: 1000yr batteries = Free Power = Markets Crash
Warfare: A growing environmental danger that must be destroyed to be stopped.

Sovereignty: Something that causes Madness, some type of Chaotic thought.

Suspicion: A threat that can strike at any time makes people act recklessly defensive causing the loss of innocent lives.
Technology: New Tech that takes Privacy, can see you.
Economy: New Product causes wild swing in markets
Warfare: Rage Virus. Drunk Virus. Radcalization: Contageous Idea. Haunting

Anatomy of and Apocalypse

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