World governments are infiltrated by cultists who worship * that has given them favours. They must sacrifice humans for their power.

Corporations are in league with Aliens who want to experiment on humans and they trade technology and services for this.

Both would like to have Deltas to understand their power.

Because of this Deltas come together form Cabals and Encalves for protection. They form companies that serve humanity and try to make an alternative to world governments where people can be safe and free, or under their iron rule.

Sandor Sharp CEO of BlackTower Tech.

Sharp sets up Wardens across North America, independent operators responsible for a region, as future protection against further incursions. All incursion technology must be turned over to Sharp.

Other regions were set up by those who did not wish to answer to Sharp

My campaign is the second season of a Supers game I called “JTF-x” Joint Task Force – X which was a Canadian Military/Supers campaign where the team would run around and solve “super” problems. It failed, the system couldnt handle what I needed, the PCs quit the game in the middle.

After I ran a very successful yr+ star trek/firefly mashup that is to date my favorite roll playing experience.

I came across “One Roll Engine: Wild Talents” and it inspired me to give the Supers another try.

The idea for the new game started out as Supers, Mages, Telepaths (maybe) and Super Engineers, on an Earth always best by danger on a Global Scale.

In paticular I wanted a Mage Class close to the comicbook counterpart who would always have unique spells to the character. ORE has some interesting ideas on spell design with random elements. Also nessisary to offeset the ability to have any power, where Supers are stuck (mostly) with their power set. That brings up the issue of Experice spending. Mages can create spells forever, an endless well in which to dump experience, how will the Supers compare? They can max out skills and powers then what? Perhaps they need to modify powers within their set? Heat vision AND laser vision for example.

So I researched a tonne of games, and stole everything.

Enter: Infinte Crisis! (working title)

The theme of Infintie Crisis is APOCOLYPSE! that something if left unchecked will drastically change the world. We could destroy the world but that makes gaming hard. I have an Ultimate Hell scenerio which all Events will drive towards, but the world will still be there.

The only people with the means to stop it are the Supers. Apocalypse EVENTS come in different strengths and grow at a different rates. If they are small PCs can stop on their own, as they grow PCs use their skills and powers on an industrial scale and form Companies (One Roll Engine) and then use Company scale actions to battle the threat.

Of course having a company gives the PCs Power and Influence. Status. Their decisions can set the tone on a Global scale (One Roll Engine again). Powerful Supers have carved out pieces of United States, Europe, and other places and set up their own personal kingdoms. As Lords of old they hand out titles to other supers who help cement their power. And with rank privliges follow. These self made rulers are too important to their governments protection/infrastructure/future for them to do anything about it.

Well thats what everybody thinks, but the truth is even more…horrible. Every government in the world is infiltrated by Cultists whom worship otherworldly Cuthulu like powers. They have been known to take Supers, suck out their souls and fill them with their evil spirits bent on corrupting the world.

Big Business is in league with Aliens, whom trade technology for Humans to dissect and experiment on. Supers are prized subjects.

Body Snatching Aliens who go between Government and Business. Thier goals remain hidden. Perhaps beyond the understanding of Mankind.

Now I am pondering the Value of the Telepath. Mind Reading and Lie Detection are game killers, but having a class of PC with only Mind powers is pretty attractive. Im wondering if there is a way to allow them and Engineer a way with rules so that Mind reading doesnt kill the game. I often think to Akira and Scanners as my touchstones.

Supers are probably going to be called Deltas and will wear whatever is appropriate. Everyone will probably get a sidearm at some point (Really, Jubilee needs a gun. She really does).

Masks will be nessisary because of the Survelience State and cellphones.


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