Something comes into this world killing a town in its wake, it travels the country side bringing death.

The man did a summon when they were kids and it brought in the ghost army, in the sky hung a huge orb. They both dissappeared, there was a circle of death. One lived.

The survivor is seen in Canada. The Ghost Army returns, he attampts to summon the orb, he needs the same things as before which allow him to be tracked. Gets what he couldnt get before.

A traveler caught in the mist knows the PCs from an alternate time line where they worked together and appeals for their help to succeed as they have before.

Cult leader is a politician on a special project. He has knowlege to build machine.

Old footage of the original event indicate the survivor is a current MP.

The free spirit gathers them with a warning, its going to happen again. They can stop it.


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