Item(s) of Power

Source: Power Focus (–8 Points)
All your powers are embedded in a single unique focus (see page 134 ) or must be channeled through one to work properly. If that focus is destroyed, your powers are unuseable and return only at the GM’s discretion—if ever. You still need a Permission Meta-Quality to determine what powers your focus can possess.

Focus (–1)
Your power is contained in an external object and can’t be used without it. When you use the power it obviously comes from the focus.
The focus can be taken away if you’re unconscious or helpless. If you do lose it, you can only replace it between adventures, after a significant amount of time, or in some restricted circumstances; work with the GM to figure out what’s appropriate.
You can choose whether your focus is useable by others or not. If it is, it’s useable by anyone, friend or foe.
The focus itself can be attacked even without taking it from you. You must designate one hit location number where the focus can be attacked with a called shot. An ordinary hit on that number still hits you, not the focus, but if an enemy wants to target the focus itself that’s the number he or she needs to target.
A focus has its own hit boxes and armor points. It has one wound box for every die (of any kind) in each Power Quality with the same Focus Flaw. Use the Heavy Armor power to give the focus a Heavy Armor Rating.
For example, the rural inventor Doc Stockton has a Miracle called Rusting Raygun, 5d+2hd. With a total of seven dice it has seven wound boxes.
It’s possible to have more than one power included in a single focus. In that case each power should have the Focus Flaw. However, each power should be treated as a separate “part” of the overall focus, with its own wound boxes.
See page 137 for a list of optional focus Extras and Flaws.

You’re part human, part machine. Your machine components are housed in any hit locations on your body, and can be built as foci—see page 134 for details. Choose those locations at character creation. You still require a Permission Meta-Quality to determine what powers your cyborg components can possess.
Source: Divine


Item(s) of Power

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