Power Ups

Squashing is when a character takes a
metaphorical hammer to the dice, reducing the
Height of a set to inflate the Width. If a character
has the option to Squash, they may reduce the
Height by 2 to add 1 to the Width of a set.

Squishing is the opposite: squeezing the dice
thereby reducing the Width but increasing the
Height. If a character has the option to Squish,
they may reduce the Width by 1 to add 2 to the
Height of a set.

Multiple sets are an
uncommon thing and achieving one
should be something to celebrate.
Accordingly, to give more “oomph” to
their dice rolling, if a character
scores multiple sets, you may
discard a single set to add 1 to the
Width of another set with a greater

Multiple Actions

Expert Dice
You get to set that die to any number before the dice roll.

Master Dice
You get to set that die to any number after the dice roll therefore guaranteeing a set.

You may “pay off” dice pool
penalties using your Expert
Dice. Each Expert Die you have
may cancel a -1d penalty but
losing a nudge in the process.

Each additional
Expert Die allows you to Nudge
your Expert Die by 1 after your
die roll.

Therefore we can use a trait called Weapon
Reach for melee attacks. All melee weapons
have a reach rating equal to their Power plus
any modifiers. Compare the Reach of all
combatants. Characters with a lower Reach lose
a die from their attack rolls.

The target of a Close-In action can perform a
Fend-Off action to counter their opponent

Power Ups

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