Source: Conduit (5 Points)
You’re a gateway to an extradimensional source of energy, and your powers are a careful application of that force.

Intrinsic: You gain your power from a belief system or disipline.
Intrinsic: You have an unusal look because of your source.
Intrisic: Using your powers is very loud/ or causes a bright flash.

Source: Construct (5 Points)
You’re an artificial entity created by magic or super-science, and your powers derive from your artificial nature.

Intrinsic: You look unique
Intrinsic: You cannot heal
Intrinsic: You have a Special Requirement
Intrinsic: Zero Willpower Stat

Source: Divine (5 Points)
Your powers are derived from a deity or deities, or through your divine nature.

Intrinsic: Your powers effects are limited by natural human ability.

Source: Extraterrestrial/Extradimensional (5 Points)
You’re from another planet or dimension and your powers are derived from your alien nature.

Intrinsic: You appear alien
Intrinsic: You don’t understand a major part of human culture. Mind+Ettiquette roll required.
Intrinsic: You require an unique substance to survive.
Intrinsic: You have a Vulnerability to a common object.

Source: Genetic (5 Points)
Your powers are a result of genetic enhancement

Intrinsic: You look unique

Source: Life Force (5 Points)
Your abilities are based upon the manipulation of your life force—the secret power all living beings possess.

Intrinsic: Your powers effects may only effect your own body.

Permission: Hypertrained (5 Points)
You can purchase any number of Hyperskills and any kind of dice with them.

Intrinsic: Your powers effects are limited by natural human ability.

Permission: Inhuman Stats (1+ Points)
Characters with this Permission have limits on Stats that are different from the ordinary limits. Where humans are limited to five dice in a Stat (not counting Hyperstat dice; see page 112), your Archetype might have more, perhaps even in more than one Stat. In addition, the maximum allowed Stat sets the maximum allowed Skill for all Skills based on that Stat.
This Permission costs 3 Points for each inhuman Stat. That Stat, and all Skills based on it, can have up to 10d rather than the normal 5d limit, and can have Hard Dice, Wiggle Dice, additional Power Qualities, Power Quality Levels, Extras and Flaws. The inhuman Stat is not affected if your Willpower reaches zero, like a typical Hyperstat would be.
For each Stat that has a maximum lower than five, subtract 1 Point from the cost of this Permission per die lower than five. This also restricts your maximum dice with Skills associated with the restricted Stat. The Permission has a minimum cost of 1 Point.
For example, if your Archetype allows you to have up to 10 dice in Body (and Body Skills), the Inhuman Stats Permission costs 3 Points. If it also allows a maximum of only three dice in Coordination (and Coordination Skills; two fewer than usual), the Permission costs only 1 Point.

Permission: One Power (1 Point)
You can have any one Hyperstat, Hyperskill, or Miracle—but only one. (This can still be pretty broad with a “Variable Effect” Miracle such as Cosmic Power, page 143 .)

Permission: Peak Performer (5 Points)
You may purchase any kind of dice with your Stats and Skills, up to the normal limit of five dice in a Stat or Skill unless you have Inhuman Stats. You can have 5wd in Body, for example, or 5hd in Coordination and 5wd in Body, but not 6d in either one.

Intrinsic: You have a requirement for your powers.

Permission: Power Theme (5 Points)
You can buy Hyperstats, Hyperskills, and Miracles, but all powers must fit a certain theme, such as “cold-based powers,” “solar powers,” “monkey powers,” or whatever you and the GM agree on.

Permission: Prime Specimen (5 Points)
You can buy Hyperstats without restriction.

Permission: Super (15 Points)
You can purchase any number and types of dice with Hyperstats, Hyperskills, and powers.

Permission: Super-Equipment (2 Points)
During character creation only, you can buy any number of powers embedded in foci. This Permission does not give you the ability to buy internal powers or the Gadgeteering Miracle; it only allows you to buy gadgets or artifacts during character creation. To get a new one after character creation you must have the GM’s permission.

Source: Paranormal (5 Points)
Your powers are magical in nature.

Source: Power Focus (–8 Points)
All your powers are embedded in a single unique focus (see page 134 ) or must be channeled through one to work properly. If that focus is destroyed, your powers are unuseable and return only at the GM’s discretion—if ever. You still need a Permission Meta-Quality to determine what powers your focus can possess.

Source: Unknown (–5 Points)
Your Source is a mystery. Your powers are just as baffling to you as they are to others.

What They Can Do: Pretty much any physical effect.
Limitations: No HD or WD in Mind, Charm or Command—
No telepathy, no detection or control of really abstract principles “danger,”
“loyalty,” “madness”), no emotional control.
Sources: Genetic, Alien, Robot
Permissions: Super, One Power, Hypertrained, Power
Theme, Peak Performer, and/or Prime Specimen.



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